A Letter to My Mentor

“You are never done. Everybody needs a coach. You don’t know the issues you have, and if you do know, you don’t know how to fix them, and somewhere along the way, you stop improving”

I never grew up looking up to anyone really,

I didn’t have a person that i wanted to be “just like” or a role model of any kind. I always did my own thing, and never followed quite the same path as anyone I knew. At 17 when I was asked if I wanted to go to college I said no. I said no because I wasn’t going to let society/schooling/family pressure me into making whats suppose to be a life time career choice at 17, when i hardly knew how to eat three meals a day and do my laundry at least once a week (I still don’t).

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted from life, because I had been focusing on getting through each day. I didn’t want to trial and error my money away in courses that I thought looked cool. I wanted to wait and find my passion and let it fill my cup. I always believed in loving what you do, or your life is doomed. Loving what you do makes the long weeks worth it. So I went for whatever my heart told me, and my heart chose Starbucks. With absolutely no experience in management whatsoever I decided to go for it, and after nearly two years, i met one of the greatest mentors I’ve ever had in my life. I noticed that when I worked with her, my energy level was so high. I told myself that I strived to be a manager like her. When I found out she was leaving my store I was so upset. I jumped on the opportunity to go with her. The next few weeks were difficult. I felt like I was working two jobs that happened to have the same uniform. I called her nearly everyday crying because i felt like i couldn’t handle it, and she would make me yell at the top of my lungs that I could. Since our grand opening, every bad day, i turn to her for lunch dates and dance parties. Every unsure thought, i ask her to help me weigh the options. She has helped me in unimaginable ways. She provides a more accurate picture of my reality, by breaking down my actions and helping me rebuild them. Sometimes I hate being observed. Sometimes I really don’t want to work on things. However, she believes that it’s not about how good I am now, but how good I will be soon that matters.

I have grown so much in just the last two months, and I am incredibly grateful, and surprised that I could’ve done that. Everybody needs a coach. They are your external eyes and ears.

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