A Promise

In a relationship we love to talk about “for better”, but we forget to talk about how the “for worse”. I think we shy away from talking about the truth of every relationship because in today’s day in age, we have to pretend as if our lives are perfect. But lets be real, they aren’t. I get mad all the time. At dumb things. And I say things I don't mean, I throw a fit, and I ignore. However that only lasts about 40 minutes before I realize that we are two separate people, joined together to create a unit. A unit that makes a promise to understand each other, even when it seems impossible. To be friends when we are in need of a friend. To hold each other at a higher standard. A unit that makes a promise to love when things are going right, and to love even more when things are going wrong. People forget to mention that relationships, are hard work. Continuous work.

That being said, find the person worth working for. That’s where it pays off.

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