Humanity's Divide

The divide between mankind is nothing new to us.

From the moment we chose to come forth into this physical body, we have been bombarded by contrasting thoughts and beliefs. It’s no surprise that by the time we’re ready to take on our life experience on as adults, we have such strong beliefs and core values. Many of us are stuck in the pattern of thought that has been handed down to us by our family without even realizing it. Now, following your loved one's beliefs isn’t always a bad thing. They may share some beautiful values that resonate with you for many years to come, perhaps even the entirety of this life experience. However, whatever the value may be -- if it does not resonate with you personally, you should ask yourself if it is something worth holding space for. Now keep in mind that it is the very contrast in these thoughts and belief that gives room for your desires to come forth. This contrast is so valuable because it allows you to navigate the world around you and sheds light on what you do and do not wish to accept in your experience. With contrast in mind, also note that everyone around you is also benefiting from these different perspectives and ideas. A majority of our judgement based on these ideas that are built by our Ego self, which tricks us into believing that we are all knowing beings. Our Ego is the voice in your head that judges yourself or others before having the chance to paint the big picture. I’ll give you a personal example; about a month ago our dog, Sunny got a bone stuck in his mouth while I was sleeping. I woke up and started my usual morning video for Chris, and realized while taking the video. I showed the bone in his mouth and quickly stopped the video to help him. This was the only bone he had, I threw it out after the incident, and posted the video for educational purposes with all the appropriate captions. Hundreds of people started to comment on this video without reading any of the captions. They were saying things like “Everyone knows...” and “you shouldn’t..”. I also had a lot of people thank me for informing others, but an overwhelming amount of people chose to comment without proper information. That is where our Ego trips us up. You see, when we come across something that we wouldn’t do/already know, our first thought is to attack the knowledge of others. We see the same situation arise between those who chose to get vaccinated and those who chose not to. Who put their pronouns in their bio and those who chose not to. Who chose to celebrate Canada Day and who chose not to. These are all perspectives that are personal to the individual. Maybe that woman is allergic to something in the vaccine. Maybe that man didn’t feel the need to put his pronouns online. Maybe there’s a family that moved to Canada from a country they didn’t feel safe in, and they want to celebrate their new life in Canada. There is always a reason for a perspective, and it really isn’t our place to judge unless they are hurting themselves or others. We chose how to direct our lives, and the contrast in perspective guides our desires. “Cancel culture” and fear mongering have created such a divide between mankind. At the end of the day, we are all human and we are here to live out our purpose without trying to change others. Our perspective is valuable, but personal. Next time you come across a difference in perspective, try to remove yourself from the situation. For a moment, open up to a conversation about it. If you still don’t find common ground or understanding, that’s okay! We don’t have to agree with every single person we meet. In fact, we aren’t supposed to! Kick your Ego to the curb and see how many valuable conversations come your way.

Disclaimer; I am not anti vax, I respect those who post pronouns, and I support the indigenous community. The examples I have given above are simply examples of divide in our population. None of this information is meant to offend, but to offer another way of thought.

Take care my friends,

Paige Emilee.

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