The Present Living Affect

There is a huge price you pay when you are living in the past or future. When spending our time worrying and concerning ourselves with things that happened already, or things that may or may not happen in the future, we sacrifice our present moments. We allow ourselves to get so caught up in life that we forget to enjoy the moments that are passing us by. When you realize that your neck hurts from looking down for so long, look up! Go out and create a moment that you will enjoy. That is the way you keep your soul happy whilst also living the life you need to. I’ve sacrificed many moments because I was worried about things that “might happen” next week or next month, and I would miss opportunities to create memories in the moment. Sunday morning sunrises, are my favourite opportunity to create a memorable present moment. Getting up early to feel the sun on my face, and enjoy conversation and breakfast with the ones i love. Living in the present moment has an affect on everyone around you. For example, when at work on the floor, my job is to create best moments. If i go to work, focused on anything but the present moment, I am no longer able to listen for social cues, i am not able to give 100% of myself, and i am not setting them or myself up for success.

At home, if I am worried about what may or may not happen next month, I am passing up opportunities of laughter and genuine love with my family. Its very easy to get caught up in futures anxiety, but when you do, get critical about your thinking and realize when you are sabotaging you present moment. Getting deliberate about critical thinking throughout the day can make a massive impact in your mental state. This is because you are watching out for those moments where we are stuck in the future, and bringing ourselves back to the present moment.

Can you think of a time you sabotaged a present moment because you were too busy in the future?

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