Who Am I

Who Am I

I was going to post my next part of the mental health series I'm making, but after a lot of thinking, I decided that I needed to do this first.

I had a conversation with a few coworkers about a week and a bit ago. During that conversation they said “post it. Find the things you love and put them out into the world.” and I thought it was funny until this morning, when I realized that I’ve been stuck in a money hungry routine that is stressing me out and sucking my energy away from things that matter in my life. Like Who I am.

I am laughter. I am quick. I am excitement. I am creative. I am observant. I am talkative. I am social. I am antisocial. I am emotional. I am persistent. I am resilient.

I am a lot of things. Some of those things being my biggest insecurities. However, I think that each insecurity we have can be a positive thing. I talk way too much. I can talk for 8 hours straight for 2 weeks and not lose my voice. Trust me. I've done it. REGARDLESS I still talk. Because I have a lot to say.

I have probably the most annoying laugh that God ever created but, I laugh constantly.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes, we need to just do the things we enjoy doing, and not worry about how others feel.

I LOVE to write. I've always wanted to share my writing with the world. So I made a website to do so. Will it reach the world? Probably not but you know what, I’m doing it anyway. And to whoever it bothers, fix your attitude.

We need to be doing the things we love more often. Despite how others think -- unless it's something detrimental to your health-- it's not their business anyway.

I spent a long time caring about what other people thought of me, and I think it's about time that I let go of other people's perception of my reality -- just live mine.

I'm trying to become the most authentic version of myself, and whatever flows, flows.

”I deserve to be healthy and feel good.”

And so I will be.

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